Finding God in the Snow

Finding God in the Snow

It’s true, that usually by February, a lot of people are fed up with the snow. It has been coming for most of the winter, it requires a lot of work to remove it and make room for our cars to move around. We slip and slide in it, and when we drive we are surrounded by foolish, impatient, inexperienced drivers who put our lives, and their lives at risk by going too fast on slippery roads.

It’s also true that for so many people snow is more than an inconvenience, it is life threatening. People get stranded by the snow, and can’t get medical attention. There are people who live outside and the snow and cold can cause hypothermia and death.

Snow is blinding and disorienting, If we spend too much unprotected time surrounded only by snow, we can be dazzled and overwhelmed.

Snow is mystical and magical. Snow slows us down, and invites us to play, or rest, or both. Snow sparkles in the sunlight and shimmers in the moonlight. Watching snowflakes fall is mesmerizing, meditative, especially the big, slow, fluffy flakes. And even enough of the tiny sharp, blowing flakes make a glistening white blanket that quiets and stills everything.

Snow transforms our landscape, making even the most dirty, gritty, ugly places a brilliant, dazzling array of crystals and tiny, tiny rainbows.

Remember the thrill of snow from when you were a kid. Think of snow as an invitation to play, and to slow down from the hustle bustle distractions of life. Walk in the drifts, slide along icy sidewalks on purpose, make a snow angel, scoop up a big handful and toss it into the air, let it get your face wet, and into your boots and gloves. Giggle for a moment in the freedom of delighting in the wonder of the radiant, twinkling beauty of God.

Author: Rebecca Crummey

I am an Episcopal priest, photographer, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, yoga enthusiast, and foodie.

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