Finding a Place to rest awhile

Finding a Place to rest awhile

As I reflect on the Gospel for this coming Sunday, Luke’s version of Mary and Martha, I am thinking about what a Martha I have been lately. Bustling around, getting tasks done, (or not done because of busy-ness). I have been neglecting my spirit.
It’s true, being relieved of the discipline of my yoga training was like taking a deep long drink of fresh cold water, and I have enjoyed the extra time with my sweet, sweet husband, but I have managed to fill my own time with work.
Some of it was work that needed to be done, starting a new program and finding a house for five young adults was important, since they are all coming in a month, we needed somewhere for them to live, and a program in which they would be participating.
I have also become immersed in the life of being a vicar in a small, scrappy urban parish. There is much that can consume my time there.
But I have not taken the time to stop, breath and notice where I am now. I am waist deep (sometimes chin deep!) in work that I love. I am spending time creating a program which excites and challenges me and which I hope will help, in come small way, to change the world. I am spending Sunday mornings and Tuesdays with a dedicated, spirit filled, and passionate group of people who are committed to creating a place of welcome and hospitality for our urban neighborhood.
I have found a place to rest a while and create a pile of stones. I have seen God reflected in so many pieces of the work I am doing now, I know I want to stay and spend some time here.
It’s time too to take a page from Mary’s book. To spend some more time paying attention to, and loving God and allowing myself the rest and renewal that comes with stillness and paying attention to my spirit, not just my “to-do” list.