Reflecting on the Inauguration

50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr had a dream and marched on Washington. Today on the day set aside for the nation to remember his courage, vision and leadership,we re-inaugurated our first African American President, Barack Obama, and a gay, Cuban American man,  Richard Blanco, wrote and read a gorgeous poem on our one-ness. So much about identity and belonging, hope and yearning for a better, more just future is woven into today. It will take time to think about and process them all in future blog postings. For now, I will just share Mr. Blanco’s poem:,0,5626688.story  and feel grateful for all the committed, passionate people who have struggled for the truth throughout the ages, I am glad to have their legacies to guide my caravan’s journey now. 

Author: Rebecca Crummey

I am an Episcopal priest, photographer, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, yoga enthusiast, and foodie.

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